10 Tiny Organization Tasks You Can Finish in 10 Minutes

Dorothy Izzo
Monday, September 14, 2020
10 Tiny Organization Tasks You Can Finish in 10 Minutes
Feeling inspired to stress less by reducing your mess? Here are 10 organizing hacks for the clutter magnets in your home. Tackle just one today, and we promise you'll feel better!

1. Toss your expired makeup

Do you really need six different moisturizers and 20 lipsticks?

Take five minutes to go through the medicine cabinet, keeping only the makeup you love. Why risk an infection from concealer that's funky?

2. Pare down mugs

Jeanine Boiko, a real estate agent and blogger at Okio B Designs, is strict with the number of mugs she keeps, limiting it to one per family member (four).

Darla DeMorrow of HeartWork Organizing recommends letting extra mugs go—even if they came with a dish set, were picked up as a vacation souvenir, or were a gift.

3. Ditch some spoons

"Know yourself. Can two spoons get you through?" asks Coraccio.

DeMorrow suggests an 80-20 scenario here.

"You probably use 20% of your spoons and spatulas 80% of the time, so put aside the ones you always reach for, and then see how you feel about the rest," she says.

4. Shred takeout menus

Do they even print takeout menus on paper any more? Go online for the most current one—or ask Alexa about the Indian food on the corner.

5. Recycle plastic containers

This spot is white-hot for most people. Assess your drawer, and determine what you really use all these containers for.

If you take leftovers to work for lunch every day, keep several; but if you barely cook, donate them to a shelter or recycle them. When you have your ideal number, pair lids with bottoms for a streamlined look.

6. Rename the junk drawer

If you call it the messy drawer, you'll live down to these expectations. Instead, blast it wide open and toss every old pen, outdated appliance manual, and leaky battery.

Once it's pristine, it's no longer the junk drawer—it'll simply be a drawer in your kitchen.

7. Refresh your clothes closet

If you don't wear it, it goes—period.

No time to clean it out completely? Even if you remove just a couple of things that don't fit or that you no longer love, you'll be working toward a more organized space.

8. Clean out the car

Take 10 minutes and bag up trash, then clear out items like books and CDs that won't be needed during the next ride. Next, get in the habit of emptying the car of trash each time you return home.

9. Sort old socks

Spend a few minutes piling up unworn T-shirts, ragged dish towels, and socks with no match, and then give them the recycle treatment.

But don't let your rag bag grow out of control.

10. Run the dishwasher

Yup, run it every night, even if it's not full.

Empty the machine in the morning, load it at night, and you'll never have dirty dishes in the sink.

Article by Jennifer Kelly Geddes
(all info via Realtor.com)