8 Things To Declutter From Your Stockpile

Dorothy Izzo
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
8 Things To Declutter From Your Stockpile

We spoke with home organization and tiny-living experts from all over the country to bring you this list of things that it’s time to ditch. If you’re ready to say buh-bye to your apocalypse stockpile, here are eight things to toss, for the ultimate purge.

1. Office clothing

Summer is always a good time to go through old clothing, and that’s especially true this season. With so many of us working from home, you may find your closet overflowing with things you can’t imagine ever wearing again—even when (or if) the office does open up.

Sell or donate: Sell your unwanted clothes online, or find the nearest drop box to donate them.

2. Excess canned goods

Remember when it felt as if we might never be able to shop for fresh veggies again?

With grocery stores mostly back to full stock, it’s time to get rid of some of those extra canned goods you’ve been storing these past few months—especially the expired or unappetizing ones (we see you, store-brand SpaghettiOs).

Donate: Find your closest food bank with Feeding America.

3. All the takeout freebies

When restaurants went to takeout and delivery only, it wasn't just the excess food that filled our kitchens. Free utensils, plastic bags, condiment packets, and the takeout containers they all came in—and we’re betting you still have quite a few of those things lying around.

Recycle: Free up some of your cabinet space by recycling any takeout extras you (realistically) won’t ever need.

4. Pandemic reads

We all had high ambitions when the stay-at-home orders started thanks to a library of recent cookbooks. But if all those hefty volumes have been sitting gathering dust for months, it may be time to store, sell, or donate them.

Donate: Go through your book collection and put together a box for donation to your local library or favorite (used) bookseller.

5. Items from unfulfilled hobbies

Much like the books, you also probably had high hopes for the many ambitious new hobbies you’d take on during lockdown. Knitting?  Guitar? Competitive Quidditch?  Snow-globe making? If you’re more of a Netflix all-star, like us, it might be time to own up to it and free up the space for more useful things.

Sell or donate: Post your stuff on Facebook Marketplace to sell, or consider making a donation to your local youth center or school.

6. Busted art and office supplies

Throw out the things that don’t work, so that you know what needs to be replaced. This is also a good rainy-day activity for kids.

Trash: Do yourself (and little ones) a favor by purging any busted office and art supplies, and free up some of that at-home office space in time for the school year ahead.

7. Old cosmetics

If your former beauty regimen has gone the au naturel route in the past few months, it’s probably a good time to reassess which cosmetics you actually need in your bathroom, and which ones are ready to be tossed.

Recycle: Pull out your old makeup and cosmetics, and then send those little plastic tubs straight to the recycling bin.

8. Delivery packaging

Since Amazon and other online stores have been getting so much of our business this past few months, it’s worth taking a minute to assess how much packaging you may still have lying around. Bubble Wrap and cardboard boxes won’t really help in any emergency situation we can think of, so it’s best to just toss them now.

Recycle: Take all those empty boxes and throw them into the recycling bin ASAP!

Article By Larissa Runkle 
(All info via Realtor.com)