Easy DIY Kitchen Projects

Dorothy Izzo
Friday, September 18, 2020
Easy DIY Kitchen Projects
Whether you're sick of your kitchen or just in need of a rewarding project, these ridiculously easy kitchen DIYs are sure to spice up your dull days at home.

1. Install a dish-drying rack

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a dishwasher. And if you’re sick of leaving handwashed dishes in a wet pile on the counter (or staring down that ugly plastic drying rack you’ve had for years), then it might be the perfect time for an upgrade.

nstalling one above the sink allows dishes to air and drip-dry, and the decorative aspect makes dishes look neat and orderly. It also makes dishes more easily accessible for daily use, [and] depending on the dishes themselves, can add more color and pattern to the space.

2. Try a different window treatment (or none at all)

Home decor trends are getting farther and farther away from curtains and window coverings—so unless you have a real attachment to yours, now’s a great time to ditch them for a more modern look.

Not quite ready to let go of a window treatment altogether? Try a modern shade for a crisp look.

3. Install new pendant lights

Overhead lights can be unflattering, so if you’re looking for an easy project that will really make your kitchen—and you—shine, you'll definitely want to install a new set of chic pendant lights.

Keep it sleek with a clear glass pendant, which won't add any unnecessary visual heaviness, Helwig suggests.

4. Remake the cabinet doors

Want to make your kitchen look instantly as if it belongs in Architectural Digest? Swap out your tired cabinet doors for ones with glass facing.

Turn this into a workshop DIY, or shop Home Depot to find custom windowed cabinet doors.

5. Repaint your kitchen island to make it pop

Painting your cabinetry will easily get you a fresh look in the kitchen. But if you don't have the fortitude to paint a whole room, why not just paint the island?

When selecting a color, keep in mind the color of the countertops and other surfaces in the kitchen. And before you commit to a shade, always view the test sample by standing it upright instead of looking down at the color, since that’s the way you would view it on your island.

6. Show off your coffee mugs

It’s an easy upgrade that will clear space in your cabinets and add personality to your kitchen.

7. Organize your pantry in style

Chances are that your pantry has seen a lot of extra traffic in these past few weeks, so why not take the time to give it a makeover?

To get started, clear out your pantry and start sorting like items together. Then comes the fun part—choosing how you’d like to organize it all.

Article By Larissa Runkle
(All info via Realtor.com)