10 Home Office Essentials Everyone Needs

Dorothy Izzo
Monday, September 21, 2020
10 Home Office Essentials Everyone Needs

Your home office may be a full room or a setup in the corner of your bedroom or living room. Either way, a desk stocked with a few essentials and a comfy chair will amp up your productivity and keep you organized. Not sure what things you need in order to create a dynamic home office space? We rounded up some of our favorite items.

1. A Large Desk 

A good desk is a necessity for any home office.

2. A Comfortable Colorful Desk Chair

An armless version will fit under most desks, she says, and the many color options available adds a pop to any home office decor.

An upholstered chair creates comfort while you tackle your tasks, Monte says, and the tufted back “dresses up your home office but also keeps it casual.”

3. Desk Accessories

We love to dress up a home office with stylish desk accessories, and these have the perfect touch of sophistication.

4. A Bright Lamp

 Good lighting is an important aspect of any home office, and Monte suggests carefully considering how much space a lamp will take up on your desk.

5. A File Organizer

To keep your home office from getting cluttered, a letter or file sorter is truly an essential.

6. A Charging Station

Electronic devices are a necessity of life, but it can be a battle to keep everything charged (and organized). 

7. A Rolling File Cabinet

More storage is something every home office can use, and even in the digital age, we still end up with plenty of paper. 

8. Wall Calendar

Productivity apps and online calendars keep most of us organized these days. But, there’s still plenty of room for analog processes.

9. Wastebasket

Trash cans are a home office essential.

10. Wireless Speaker

Listening to music or your favorite podcast while you work will help keep you focused, so every office needs a wireless speaker

Article by Erica Sweeney
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