Linen Closet Organization Ideas That'll Change Your Life

Dorothy Izzo
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Linen Closet Organization Ideas That'll Change Your Life
Here are some closet organization tips that'll help you organize even a small linen closet in no time.

Pull everything out (yes, everything)

You might be surprised by what’s lurking behind that mountain of towels in your closet: Photo frames! Umbrellas! Your long-forgotten bag collection! Prepare for some surprises. But today, you will reclaim your linen closet as a spot for sheets and towels alone—and maybe extra toiletries.


Don't store more than you need

Let’s start with the obvious linen closet organization rule: “Don't keep ratty, worn-out, or fraying sheets and towels,"

But what about linens that don’t qualify as obvious pet material? Resist the urge to keep multiple sets of linens and pillows, since they're just going to create closet clutter and foil your attempts at organization.

Zone out

Once everything is out of linen closet shelves and drawers and you know what you are keeping, organize a storage "zone" for each item: towels, sheets, blankets, and maybe bathroom/wellness supplies, depending on how many sets and how much space you have. That way, you'll know exactly how much space you need for each item.

Zones don’t just make it easy to do that initial organization; they also help you maintain an organized linen closet.


Buy the right organizing products

We know—it’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying baskets and bins that we forget what our real job is: organizing the unruly linen closet. Still, though, the right baskets, dividers, and other closet supplies can make all the difference if you choose right ones.

Article By Cathie Ericson 
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