9 Cleaning Myths That Could Be Wrecking Your House

Dorothy Izzo
Friday, September 25, 2020
9 Cleaning Myths That Could Be Wrecking Your House

1. Bleach is the best cleaner for your bathroom

Bleach does not clean anything. It does disinfect, but before you can disinfect a surface, you have to clean it with something that will lift off the dirt. Wipe down your bathroom with your choice of household cleaner, then you can disinfect with a diluted bleach solution.

2. Washing machines clean themselves

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it just isn't so. Even if you're not guilty of that, you should still run a cleaning cycle every month to maintain your washer's functionality and keep it smelling fresh. 

3. Polish is the best way to care for wood

Commercial polishes contain a host of different ingredients, from the recognizable (beeswax) to the huh-what's-that (polydimethylsiloxane). The good news: They shine up your wood. The bad: They can also leave a waxy buildup. So it's lucky that you don't really need polish.

4. Too much vacuuming ruins your carpets

This myth was likely started by someone looking for a way to get out of cleaning carpets. But the truth is, dust and dirt that gets down into the base of a carpet can do more damage than a vacuum.

5. Coffee grounds are a great way to clean your garbage disposal

Legend has it that coffee grounds can deodorize and clean unidentified gunk off the blades of your garbage disposal. Alas, you're better off using it as compost in your garden.

6. Mopping just pushes dirt around

Even if you're not a fan of brooms, but don't dis mops—so long as you invest in one made of high-quality microfiber.

7. Hand-washing dishes is more effective than a dishwasher

Sorry to burst your soap bubble, but no matter how much time you spend scrubbing dishes, you're still no match for a dishwasher. Its water temperature is much hotter, the dishes are exposed to soap longer, and if you use a 'drying cycle,' you're also sanitizing your dishes.

8. You need specialized cleaning products for every job

While the shelves of cleaning supplies at your grocery store certainly make it seem that way, you don’t really need an army of bottles under your kitchen sink.

9. Washing clothes in cold water doesn't get them clean

Busted! Why is this myth, well, a myth? For starters, the detergent, not the water, has the biggest effect on how clean your laundry comes out, Johnson says.

Article By Stephanie Booth
(All info via Realtor.com)